10 Philosophies that Saved my Sanity



#1. Newton: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is nothing that not balanced in this Universe. Only our perceptions are screwed up.

#2. We create our realities by our perceptions. When we change our perceptions, we change our realities………Then we change our lives.

If you think back to your earliest memories and pull out the one thing that had the most emotional negative impact on your childhood, you will find it has a benefit that is equal. You need to agree with Newton to discover the value that event created in your life.

#3. Whatever we perceived as most missing creates our greatest values.

#4 The things we were given, we did not value, because we had them, consequently, we did not pass them on to our children. This creates their voids. These voids are the glue that makes the strong Grandparent/Grandchild connection.

#5. Anything we are infatuated with, we will learn to resent to the same degree. This includes any person, place or event in our lives.

#6. Always listen to your Gut feeling. If a memory causes pain in the solar plexus (just above the stomach), it is a past remembered emotion from childhood. This is where we store the guilt, shame, and regret of our sins.

#7. All injuries and diseases (other than genetic) start in the brain
Disease=Dis-ease somewhere in the body.
“You can Heal your Life” by Louise HayBuy it and use it as a reference often. You will find it valuable in many ways.
The following will aid you in finding your own mind/body connections. (see my blog on the subject)
Injury=Jury from within. What did you do that you felt it necessary to judge yourself? Will this act as a reminder the next time you do something stupid or uncalled for?If the injury or disease is on the right side of the body, you are dealing with a male issue. The right side is a  female issue.
Injury to the lower back means loss of support: emotional or financial, either the right side; male, or left; female.
A sudden stop caused by an accident, head injury, or a fall means you need to stop what you are doing and/or feeling. Ask yourself, “What am I avoiding?”
Before you make any major decisions, ask yourself, “Will it get me closer or farther from my dream?”

#8. The things you see you like, are the things you admire most about yourself. The things you see you dislike are the things you judge about yourself. Judge yourself by the people you most admire because you can’t see something in someone else that you don’t have within you, to the same degree. Experience my Self Esteem Blog.

#09. Anger is unresolved fear. Next time you are angry at an event, or person, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Your anger will dissipate at least 50%, so you can focus on your answer.

#10. Practice non-judgment in everything you do. When you stop judging others, they will cease to judge you.

Everything you believe about yourself and others was developed before you were 3 years old.

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