Mind/Body Connection

Mind/Body Connection

Heal the Mind/Ease the Pain

There is an mind/body connection in every emotion we have. When we heal the mind, we heal the pain.

Learn to use your body to tell your mind how to heal itself. I will show you how to “read” your bodies symptoms by using your mind to pinpoint the sources of your disease.

Disease manifests itself with symptoms. Learn to decipher the symptom and you can heal yourself.

Some of the things you read will surprise you and often brings up comments about my mental stability.

However, I was intrigued by how much I didn’t know about how my mind and body operate together. I still smile at how easy it is to decipher the messages the mind is sending to your body, using your sub-conscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is your memory bank. It retains the judgements and emotions of your earliest childhood events.

The Mind and its effect of the body.

Remember, by the time a child is 3 years old, her mind has developed 80% of what she believes about herself and others. The primary connections of right, wrong, love and judgments are created at this tender age and often dictates your future diseases and injuries.

Disease (Dis-ease) manifests pain and or illness to let you know that something is out- of-balance. The unbalanced area of your life creates your symptoms.

This blog will help you to better understand how to interpret your disease and heal yourself.

Let’s start by dividing the body in half.

Left Side=Feminine/Female

Right Side=Masculine/Male

Lower Back pain is caused by:
Loss of love or support; financial, emotional.

Left Side pain = Female issue

Right Side pain= Male issue

Which side hurts?  Is it male or female that your sub-conscious mind brings up? Who is the person you think of first? Think of that person, and feel the pain their lack support or love caused you. Give in and decide exactly what area is causing the discomfort.

Now I want you to think of at least 10 things you like about her/him. Think of a time when you liked this person. What 10 things did you like about him/her then? What traits do they have that you most admire? Although you may not feel the same now, if you ever admired her/him get back in that same place.

Pay attention to how your back is effected as your list grows. Is the pain easing a little? Each good trait you add to your list will help relieve the pain.

Spend a little time now and remember the memories. You are feeding your mind with pleasant thoughts, while the mind sends the body chemicals that relax the muscles that are causing the pain.

When that mind trip is completed, ask yourself the following question: What benefit will you get out of resolving this issue?

In other words, the Universe is saying, “It is time to deal with this issue”. Remember Newton’s third law of motion: For every action, there is an EQUAL, yet OPPOSITE reaction. If the event that caused the pain is considered bad, then there must be an equal good that comes out of it.

You can use this same exercises in working with the other ailments below.

Middle Back: Guilt, getting stuck in childhood shame. You may want to visit my website and follow the steps in the Basics of Love exercise.

Ankles: Inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure.

Cold Sores: Bitter words not said. (I have successfully treated mine with L-Lysine, an amino acid)


Eye Infections: What are you not seeing? Not liking what you see in your own life.

Ear Infections: Go to a chiropractor. A miss-alignment in the neck is causing fluids to back up in the ears, where bacteria form.

Eczema: Anger and disappointment in self; Mental eruptions.

Gut: Our sub-conscious mind usually gives us a jab in the gut when are about to make a mistake. We will learn eventually to pay attention to it.

Headaches: Invalidating the self. Criticizing self and fear.

Heartburn: FEAR; and more fear of life, self, others.

Injuries: Anger with self: Jury from within

Joints, Knees: not bending or rigid. Your fear of moving forward is keeping you from your future. What fear and who is controlling your life? Which side of the body?

Kidney Do you allow yourself to be pissed off, angry, resentful and or jealous? The problems will compound if you do not resolve them.

Shoulders: “He has the weight of the world on his shoulders”. Whose weights are you shouldering that is causing you pain? Male or female? Why are you doing it? Share your burden, or experience a fact of life. Discover what is causing it, and it will be stop hurting.

Solar plexus is located just below the breastbone. This where we hide our guild, shame and fear from childhood. You may want to explore the past remembered events that no longer serve you and it will free you to learn new independence. The Solar plexus is also the center of our intuitive powers. Get rid of those childhood beliefs that no longer serve you.

Stomach: What are you sick of? Dread, Fear of something new. (I apply a wool cloth, saturated with castor oil on my lower stomach, and then a heating pad on top)
Throat: What is it you are not saying? Inability to say what you need or want. Fear

Vomiting: Rejection of new ideas. Fear of the new.

Pay attention to your body and what messages it is sending to your sub-conscious mind. This mind leads you on a path to uncover the meaning of the symptoms. Understanding and paying attention at all times to what your body is telling you and it will lead you to the answers you seek.

If you have not received your copy of “Love with Logical Outcomes”, My Relationship Manifesto, just send me a note: Merry@LoveWithLogic.com. I will email you a copy. It contains an enormous amount of self-help exercises, based on physics, ancient wisdom, and good old common sense.

Recommended reading: You Can Heal Your Life; Louise Hay




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