About Merry


About Merry Dee Elder Williams Mount

My earliest perceptions were primarily fear and not being good enough to love.

“We create our realities by our inner child’s perceptions, which were formed in early childhood development.
When we change those earliest perceptions,
our lives change forever “

The circumstances of my birth were recounted for years at our family gatherings. They were not celebrating. They were laughing.

In 1944 my brother and I were the first twins born at our little-town hospital.

When Grandma heard the news, she told the nun, “You can keep the boy, but you’d better put the girl right back where you got her”.

I was drowning in a world of insecurities, surrounded by fear of ever finding someone who loved me. My journey was busy and dangerous.

 I went from a love-starved little Texas girl to the bright lights of Chicago at seventeen. At eighteen, I moved to the bright lights of New York City, always in pursuit of love. My travels took me to Miami and Philadelphia, just trying to find a safe place in this scary world.

My life was a mess I came to Houston with no job, no education, and broke. I met my future husband the second night there. By the third night, I had become his mistress, and we married 18 months later. I had found my safe place.

Compared to my past, an abusive alcoholic was safe.

After 15 years, we divorced.

7 ys and many broken hearts later, I married a rage-a-holic with a drug problem.

It took less than 2 years to leave him.

My life, this time, was a total disaster. I hit rock bottom emotionally. That is when I began my studies with Dr. John Demartini. It was from him I learned about love and emotional stability.

Dr. DeMartini did more than just teach his philosophies. He opened new doors and gave me a profound curiosity to experience first-hand the amazing balance that is omnipresent.
I studied Yoga, meditation, and chanting at a Buddhist commune in the mountains outside Bolder at Shoshone Yoga & Meditation Retreat . My breath was taken away as I experienced the sights, sounds and energy of Big Sur at. Esalen . At sixty-five I climbed mountains in Sedona, while studying the vortexes. (Centers of energy) from Dick Sutphen

Every adventure brought me new insights into John’s teachings.

I would be my pleasure to bring a new reality to your relationships by sharing what I have learned.

You will be able use your new understanding to your relationship questions.

My passion remains: teaching new realities for those seeking inner change.

Contact Merry dee at Merry@Lovewithlogic.com