Love Basics

Love Basics

The Basics of Love

Here is a brief questionnaire that will test your knowledge of the basics of Love. Your answers may be surprising, and there is no need to write them down; you will remember them.

Scene 1: Close your eyes and return your mind to your childhood and visit your home, your room, and your life and search for the answers.

Question 1: List 3 things you felt were most missing in your life before you started school?  What did you want that you didn’t have?
Please allow yourself time for the memories of your childhood to materialize.

Scene 2: You are now an adult. Use your mind to pretend you are in a large room, filled with everyone you have ever known, and; they are all talking about you.
Allow yourself to pretend  you are the  in the crowd.

Question 2: What would you be most proud to overhear them say about you?
Think about it.
Compare the two lists. Did you find this to be a true statement?

“Whatever we perceived as most missing creates our greatest values.”

Without the perception of missing, we would not be the person, we are most proud of today.

How did your void/values affect your relationship?

Can you make an educated guess as to what void/values your mate has, using these same questions.

You chose him because he filled a void from earliest childhood.
You might have chosen an older or domineering husband to fill the void left by an absent father. He chose you because of a need he thought you could fill.

Or you may have chosen him because he was so handsome and popular, then later allow jealousy to destroy the bond of love because you felt he was better than you or, you did not feel you deserved him because of your guilt of the past or present. Your fear of past self- judgments fueled your jealousy. What need in him caused him choose you?

Bottom line, your childhood dreams turned to adult passions and your fears from childhood holds you back from realizing your dreams.

What you are beginning to understand is your knight in shining armor turned into the devil in disguise.

Get over it; He was a figment of your imagination from the beginning. He never was what you thought he was.


Back to the Basics of Love

Look back at your childhood again, and explore these two same questions again and again to gain new insights in yourself, those you love, and those you hate.

This article is a very short “must read” for everyone. It enhances the importance of the first three years of our life.
It is by the Urban Child Institute: Brain Development: Conception to Age 3

Now you know the Basics of Love.

You are forever on my mind as I work to reach you and teach you.
This is my work. This is my life. Thank you for being a part of it.


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