Weight in Mind?


 Secrets to Weight Loss

The steps to find your answers:

Go back to your childhood (the earlier the better). Remember your room. Were you alone there? What did it look like, smell like, FEEL like. Remember the first time you felt the past-remembered-emotion of the event, so long ago?

What event created your mindset that has resulted in your weight gain? How does your weight gain effect your life?

When this great controlling event took place, it was your life-defining judgment.

Newton’s Third law of motion: For every action, there is an EQUAL, but OPPOSIT , reaction.

Thus, the question, How does it benefit you to be overweight?

This mindset was created, either over time, or during a traumatic moment before age 12.


I could not believe my ears when as I listened to a story delivered by a 30-something year old woman with a doctorate degree in something, tell how she had suffered her entire life with the knowledge that her mother did not love her.

She and her brother were arguing in the backseat of the car when her mother turned around and said, “You GD kids had better stop fighting”. She was 5. That was her defining moment.

What was her benefit?

It created a “not good enough” feeling strong enough to drive herself to look for love and acceptance in her education and work.  That was the benefit of her false judgement about herself and her mother.

I do not have enough toes and fingers to count the number of times my mother said that to us.  The difference is: She had been raised in a family that did not cuss or raise their voice, so her mothers’ words created a mindset that allowed her to think that her mothers’ words meant she was not loved.

So, this event, or series of events, was the defining moment when your child’s perception clouded reality.

We create our realities by our perceptions. When we change our perceptions, we change our realities……….Then we change our lives.

Over 70% of our judgments about ourselves and others are determined before the age of six.

An example:

Out of the blue, a friend of mine revealed her most intimate secret about herself. She had been severely punished for lying to her father when she was five.

To date, she is the most honest, trustworthy, intelligent, well-educated woman, that has spent her entire career in a position of trust.

Knowing this, I asked her, So did you ever thank your dad for giving you that experience?

Of course, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. Her mind raced to make sense of what I had asked. When she found her answer, tears of love and understanding began to roll down her cheeks. She knew then that the life-changing event had created the thing she was most proud of.

Within three months, she dropped forty pounds, replaced the bright orange nail polish for a more sophisticated French nails, exchanged the Liberian glasses for contacts and got a cute, short hair cut with bounce. The most prominent change was her personality. Wow, I never knew she had one! She was always so serious.

Her new life-defining moment gave her a freedom from the ever-present feeling of not being good enough to love.

What was yours?

Life will change for you when you find your answer. Your body will begin to relax, your adrenaline soaked mussels will begin heal, and your mind will become more focused.

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