Autoimmune Diseases: Causes and Effects

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases: Causes & Effects

Autoimmune diseases altogether strike women three times more than men. Some diseases have an even higher incidence in women. Autoimmune diseases have been cited in the top ten leading causes of all deaths among U.S. women age 65 and younger.1 This diseases represents the fourth largest cause of disability among women in the United States.2
The fact that women have enhanced immune systems compared to men increases women’s resistance to many types of infection, but also makes them more susceptible to ADs….
Autoimmunity is nothing more than the immune response directed to the body of the patient himself or herself.

You ask the question, “Why me?” You go to doctors they have a drug that will help with the pain. Slowly you become addicted to lessen the pain. In many cases this path is a dead end.

The answers to your autoimmune disease cure can be found in your own mind.

Here is my Diagnose of Autoimmune Disease:

You have taken a back seat to everyone else’s wishes and desires: You have allowed your past-remembered emotions of not feeling worthy enough, to dictate your life.


Use your mind to take back your power. The power you gave away, based on the lop-sided misconceptions a three-year old child.


You are forever on my mind as
I work to reach you and teach you.
This is my work. This is my life.
Thank you for being a part of it.

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