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Relationship Answers that are Logical and Healing

This is a place where you can feel safe to explore hidden beliefs about your past relationships.

Below is a preview of my blogs about Love that could have a lasting effect on your Love Life.

I stumbled and fell through life. I experienced years of repeated heartbreaks. Finally, I hit bottom. That’s when my journey to teaching began. For the next 20+ years, I studied relationships. This thesis is a synopsis of my findings.

Relationship answers that are logical and healing is written for you. In it you will learn to see your emotional issues from a logical standpoint. The subjects are easy to understand, however, it is to your benefit to work the exercises. You will soon understand the basics of Love.



Your Relationship rules were created before you were three (3) years old.Your rules are really no more than judgments of yourself and others, created at the most impressionable time in your life.

When you learn to Love with Logic, rather than fear, your path will slowly change from loneliness, anger and confusion to love.

This is all about finding the authentic person you were meant to be, by taking you back to when you created the majority of your primary judgments.

In order for you to find Love, it is imperative for you discover who you are and the values that drive your relationships. Love with Logical Outcomes will lead you to your questions.

Secret 1: You can’t solve a problem at the level it was created. (Albert Einstein).


Secret 2: Anything you are infatuated with, you will learn to resent, to the same degree.

Real lady cry sm


Secret 3: You can’t see something in someone else that you don’t have within yourself. Those traits you see in someone else that you admire are the things you most love about yourself.

mirror immage

Secret 4: You can’t see something in someone else that you don’t have within yourself. The things you see in others that you dislike are the things you have not learned to love about yourself.

Secret 5: Anger is unresolved fear.

Secret 6: Ego hides insecurities in plain sight.

Secret 7: As your pain subsides, your health will improve.

In order for you to achieve your dream of a life mate, become the kind of woman that quality of man will want.

If I can do it;  you can do it.

 I am an old woman, who doesn’t live in a shoe,
But  had my heart broken so many times, I didn’t know what to do.
My life was a mess,
My mind in total distress,
Then I met a teacher,
Who said he could reach her.
I studied hard; the light of understanding was within my grasp:
The answers were found in the questions I asked.

I have thrown off my mask.
I am up for the task.


You are forever on my mind as I work to reach you and teach you.
This is my work. This is my life. Thank you for being a part of it.

Don’t be shy. Ask your questions and you will get answers.


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